Structure Engineering Work

We are concerned with structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance includes a wide variety of tasks depending on the particular business or organization. We ensure that a facility or building remains functional and comfortable for users. Building maintenance includes cleaning common areas, removing trash regularly, and repairing items that are broken. It can involve inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services.

Civil Construction

Civil construction falls in the category of civil engineering which is all about designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. Civil construction is the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings.

Paint Work

We offer a range of building maintenance painting programs as well as a host of other workplace painting solutions from interior and exterior paintings to murals and wall coverings.